What is an online business?

Before we start talking about profitable online businesses that we can create with WordPress I wanted to clarify a little more what we are going to be referring to.

When we talk about Internet businesses or online businesses, we will be referring to those designed, developed, implemented, and operated exclusively on the Internet.

It is true that many traditional businesses are now moving into the digital world. And that some of them even have more future in the Internet than in their classic model.

But today we are going to talk about pure and hardcore Internet businesses. Those that currently make the most sense in this channel.

Advantages of Internet business

Digital businesses have different characteristics or advantages that make them unique. Let’s look at some of them below.

  • They are easily scalable

In other words, they can grow a lot in volume and turnover if they need more resources than they initially had or if their initial needs change very little. For example, if you create an ebook, you can sell it 1 time or 100,000 times and your work will have been the same: creating the ebook. This feature is a plus for having a profitable business on the Internet.

  • They are off-shore businesses

By their nature, Internet businesses do not need a physical location. It’s online business. They’re online. And therefore, staff working on them can do so from any location as well. This reduces the necessary infrastructure and makes the project more agile. And both are very important points to get profitable businesses on the net.

  • They are easily monitored

If the term didn’t exist, I made it up. One of the great advantages of online business is that you can monitor and measure almost everything. And this, my fellow readers, gives us incredible power. The power to know the users in depth, to know where they come from, what they do in our web, if the data coincide with our forecasts… to later reach conclusions and be able to implement the necessary measures. And all of this is practically in real time and free of charge.

For any online business, tools like Google Analytics are pure gold. And once you get the hang of it, you won’t stop analyzing and measuring. Measure and you will get a more profitable business on the Internet.

If you think it’s time to learn about this topic, you might want to take a look at the Google Analytics Course here.

  • It requires little investment

This is not an inflexible rule, but generally, setting up an Internet business is relatively cheap. You’ll basically spend whatever it costs for the domain, server, template and plugins that we’ll be talking about shortly. And maybe the legal advice.

The need for little investment is another factor that helps to create profitable businesses on the Internet.

Yes, as you grow, you’re going to need more stuff. But you can start very basic, try the business and then grow. If it becomes a profitable business you will invest more and continue to grow. And if it doesn’t work, you will have made a mistake soon and cheaply, so it will be more painless and you will be able to start again with a different online business in a short time.

What do I need to start a profitable online business?

Here are some of the online businesses you can easily create with WordPress. In each case you will need specific tools and strategies, but first let’s see what elements they all have in common. This is the starting point for all of them.

  • Consistency and passion for what you do

Nine out of ten ventures fail. Lapidary. But then we’ll talk about how this failure is not as bad as it looks.

The fact is that the reasons may be many and varied, but to reduce this risk, I will now give you a hint that has to do with some of the main ones.

If you are going to jump into the pool and you are sure you want to set up an online business, the best thing is to think of something that you like and that you are good at. Both points are important. Because in order to have a profitable business on the net you will need to be constant. And to be constant you have to get rid of everything that prevents you from doing so.

If you are going to start an online business, look for an activity that you control and that you like.

You may know a lot about a sector, which would be a great strength in your SWOT, but if deep down you don’t like that sector, little by little you will stop being constant and you will end up giving up. Because, just like any other business, a digital business is going to ask for almost absolute dedication. At least until it works, grows and becomes a profitable business that provides work for others. At that point you may be able to free yourself up a little.

And that’s where the second point comes in. As the dedication is going to be very big, you have to love what you do to start every day dedicated and passionate. That way you’ll keep your consistency and focus.

So, when you go online, make sure you choose a niche that you know very well and love. This way you will start off on the right foot, ensuring you have two very important strengths.

  • Don’t be afraid of failure

It turns out that in Spain, failure is frowned upon. For us to fail is a very hard blow because mentally it tells us that we are not good for something. But that’s because we’re the country in the milkmaid’s story. Where traditionally you can’t stumble and fall because someone is going to tell you that you have to live with your feet on the ground and not imagine so much.

In other countries, failure is the same as trying. To the extent that it is well seen to have failed several times because it gives you experience and shows your resilience or ability to adapt and try again.

In other countries, failure is valued when it is undertaken. They show experience and residency.

Not here, here failure is equal to being a failure. And this is a great brake in our heads, a mental barrier or limiting thought (they say now) that makes us undertake with fear and therefore with more risk.

So if you are determined to start a digital business, keep in mind that you can fail, but that does not mean you are a failure. If you fail, get up, dust yourself off and try again by applying the learning from the previous blow. In the end you will get your longed-for profitable Internet business.

  • WordPress

We’ve already talked about WordPress in the introduction. And for me, it is clear that to create profitable businesses on the Internet, before hiring programmers and creating great custom software, and being faithful to the lean method, you have to start building the business with WordPress. Now, you need to use WordPress.org not WordPress.com. I’ll leave you with this article if you want to see the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

There are many articles that talk about the differences between the two platforms, but the one that concerns us is basically that with WordPress.org you download the (free) software, install it on your server, and you can create a project of your own.

On the other hand, if you work on WordPress.com you’re simply using an online blogging platform from another company (Automatic) and neither your files nor your content will be 100% yours. It would be like creating your business on Facebook (to give you an easy example).

  • A hosting

A hosting is nothing more than a computer that you rent and in which are the files that make your website display and function properly. That is, it’s where you install your WordPress. Only this computer is prepared and optimized for this task and always accessible on the web. This way, anyone can access your website at any time. Think of the hosting or server as the foundation of your house.

A hosting is like the foundation of a house. You need them to be strong or they will fall down

If you think like that, you’ll be clear that you can’t have a bad foundation if you want to build a big house. So it is important that when you are going to set up an online business with WordPress you have a clear idea of the type of hosting you will need. Don’t worry if you don’t have it that much at first. You may not even be able to predict the kind of growth your digital business will have yet. But it’s important to have a professional, scalable, and close to home hosting as a base. You will expand it if necessary when you have a profitable business on the Internet.

Some important features to look for are:

  • That it’s optimized for WordPress
  • Have good anti-hacking security measure
  • To make daily backups
  • To have support in Spanish (if you do not speak English)
  • To be located as close as possible to your area of action
  • Don’t let it be limited. This means that if at any time your online business grows, the server can also grow to host it without problems.
  • Both Aula CM and I have trusted Webempresa Hosting for years.

  • A template or theme

To manage the visual part of your website you will need a template, theme or topic that loads a number of styles and gives your business the look and feel.

There are countless themes of greater or lesser quality, premium, free, frameworks, custom … In the end, to decide, you have to think about where your business is online. And what knowledge do you or the person who will manage the website have.

If you are going to create an Internet business from scratch, I suggest you do it in the most readable way possible. That is, create a minimum viable product and see if the business works before investing more time and money.

Applying this logic, I don’t advise you to pay a developer to make you a custom theme from the beginning. I would tell you to search among the premium themes you can find here for one that suits your business as much as possible, implement it or pay someone to implement it and launch it as soon as possible. You’ll be able to fine-tune it when you have a profitable business on the Internet.

Don’t be fooled by the visual aspect alone. Check it out too:

  • That the author has created more themes or plugins
  • In that it has a good support
  • That the sales are many or are growing at a good pace
  • As many complaints as there may be in the comments…
  • Anyway, I also leave you a link to know how to choose a theme in WordPress.

  • Plugins to add specific features

Plugins are responsible for adding the exact functionality you need that does not come by default in WordPress.

These will depend on the functionality required by the Internet business you want to set up. So we’ll see what you need to set up your online business with WordPress in each specific case.

But first, tell you that just like the templates, here you have the option to find a plugin that does what you want and adapt to it or conversely ask a developer to make a custom plugin that fits your needs exactly.

And once again, my advice is to be as readable as possible, and until you have a profitable business on the Internet, limit yourself to adapt to a plugin that can meet your needs even if it doesn’t do it exactly as you would like.

  • An online marketing strategy

If you want to start an Internet business and achieve profitability, something that cannot be missing is an online marketing strategy. Like the plugins this is a common factor in any online business but depending on the business model and the type of digital business will be different in each case.

  • Legal advice

Any business is regulated by some laws. This is the same on the Internet. Sooner or later you will have to make different legal information available to your users.

It is true that you can try to do this yourself. But if you want to do business on the Internet you should not skimp on something so basic or you could get into legal trouble.

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